Application department

Service and expertise that complement the product range

Please refer to our General Procedure of Application of Paints on Space Hardware

MAP also provides the application of coatings on satellite parts. In this field, MAP is the partner of the European space industry principals (ASTRIUM, TAS, MDA, COI, CRISA, CASA, RYMSA, DUTCH SPACE, OERLIKON, JENA, MKE, KARI, IAI, ISRO, INPE, …).

MAP has developed a unique application expertise and a proven experience in the space industry. This expertise has also brought MAP to take part of the panel drafting the  ECSS Q 70-31A standard on the application of coatings on space material.

To meet the demand for the application of large parts or for the optical environment, MAP has got a set of clean rooms and a great application room . Thanks to this equipment, MAP will move to new markets related to bonding. 

Also keen to ensure sustainability in all its projects, MAP has developed a second source of application (independent application room) located in an outbuilding: MAP is dual-source.


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